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About Us

Australian Ambassador

Australian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan:  Mr. Geoffrey Tooth

Contact Information

The Australian Embassy in Kabul operates from a number of locations that are not publicly disclosed due to security reasons. 

The Australian Embassy in Kabul has no visa function. For visa information, visit the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai.

Australians seeking consular assistance should, in the first instance, contact the Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra + 61 2 6261 3305 for assistance to be arranged.

Opening Hours


Sunday to Thursday: 8.30 - 4.30hrs


Public Holidays 2020


1.            Wednesday                                        1 January                             New Year’s Day

2.            Sunday                                                 26 January                          Australia Day

3.            Sunday                                                 12 April                                 Easter Sunday

4.            Tuesday                                               28 April                                 Victory Day

5.            Sunday                                                 24 May                                 Eid Ul Fitr (Ramadan Eid)

6.            Monday                                               25 May                                 Eid Ul Fitr (Ramadan Eid)

7.            Tuesday                                               26 May                                 Eid Ul Fitr (Ramadan Eid)

8.            Sunday                                                 2 August                              Eid Ul Adha

9.            Tuesday                                               18 August                            Independence Day

10.          Tuesday                                               8 September                     Massoud Day

11.          Thursday                                             29 October                         Prophet’s Birthday

12.          Thursday                                             24 December                     Additional DFAT holiday

13.          Sunday                                                 27 December                     Christmas Day (in lieu)

14.          Monday                                               28 December                     Boxing Day (in lieu)